Dance With Me Teletubbies

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Every year at Christmas there seems to be the toy that everyone is after. Well we have all heard of the popular Elmo Live and who can forget the hamsters, but move over old popular toys and make way for the Dance With Me Teletubbies series.


The Dance With Me Teletubbies toys includes all of the favourite Teletubby characters. Each toy stands at about 30 cm and is extremely soft as it is made of cloth and soft materials. The toy takes 4 double A batteries. The operation of the toy is very easy for toddlers and small children to understand. You simply squeeze the hand of the toy character to activate a dance mode and song. Each hand has a different dance mode and song from one another when squeezed. The songs are recognisable as they are from the TV show. The toy dances in a basic way, rocking from side to side with an arm wave.


One of the neatest things about this toy is that when you accidentally knock the toy over a 'plarp' sound happens. If you stand the character back up on its feet, a 'whee' sound plays as if the character is happy to be back on its feet dancing again. While the character is dancing its plastic eyes open and close to give the effect that the toy is alive and jovially dancing. The Teletubby character also giggles and laughs during the dance and song to give it a cheerful demeanor.


The toy is interactive as the child playing with it can dance with the toy and try to mimic its moves. If the child accidentally knocks it over the toy is interactive in the sense that it responds to the child as it is put back onto its feet almost rewarding the child with a fun sound when that task is accomplished. The character is also very realistic looking and looks exactly like the character that is portrayed on the TV show. Each character is available to buy in the Dance With Me Teletubbies series, which makes it very easy to purchase your child's favourite Teletubby character complete with its own voice and dance moves.


If you have a child that adores the Teletubby world that is portrayed on the TV, this is a great toy to get them. The toy is soft to the touch and will bring joy to your child as it dances to music and allows the child to interact with it. Nothing is more fun than to see your child get a big smile on their face when they help put the toy back on its feet. This is a fantastic toy and will bring joy to your child for a very long time.


Dance with Me Teletubbies dance to a groovy version of the Teletubby theme tune while giggling and blinking to the great joy of young fans. The adorable Teletubbies also make a ‘parp’ noise when knocked over and a ‘whee’ sound when they are picked up. Young ones will absolutely love dancing along with the most life like Teletubbies ever seen. In the ‘Musical Statues’ mode the Teletubby will stop dancing at random intervals so your children can play along and copy the moves, never guessing what to expect next. All four of the Teletubbies, Dipsy, La La, Po and Tinky Winky are available, so your little ones can choose to dance with their most favourite Teletubby friend. It is a lovely gift that will bring lots of fun and laughter to the whole family.

Product Features

Now you get to dance, interect and play with your favourite Teletubby, Po. Your Dance with Me Teletubby comes to life through music and dance and it even performs it's well known Teletubby dance, just like on the TV programme.

Laugh and play along with the 2 delightful dance modes, it is so much fun you just can not help but join in. In the Dance Along mode, Dance with Me Po performs her dance motion, along with giggling and blinking actions.

In the Musical Statues mode, your child can join in and play musical statues with Po. If your Dance with Me Teletubby is knocked over, it makes a 'parp' noise and a happy 'whee' sound when it is picked up again. Dance with Me Teletubby Po brings all the fun and excitement of the TV programme that little fans love.


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