Laa Laa - Dance With Me Teletubbies

Now you get to dance, interect and play with your favourite Teletubby, La La. Your Dance with Me Teletubby comes to life through music and dance and it even performs it's well known Teletubby dance, just like on the TV programme.

Laugh and play along with the 2 delightful dance modes, it is so much fun you just can not help but join in. In the Dance Along mode, Dance with Me La La performs her dance motion, along with giggling and blinking actions.

In the Musical Statues mode, your child can join in and play musical statues with La La. If your Dance with Me Teletubby is knocked over, it makes a 'parp' noise and a happy 'whee' sound when it is picked up again. Dance with Me Teletubby La La brings all the fun and excitement of the TV programme that little fans love.


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